Another month of too much to say to put into one letter. Too many things I swore I wouldn’t forget, so many funny things you said or did, so many plans I’ve made for you and us and so much good news about how smart and cool you’re becoming.
Every work-day morning, you wake up around 7 with your Daddy. He makes you breakfast and gets you changed and dressed, and you guys play a little bit before its time to head to Sara’s. You two have such a great routine figured out. Most mornings we still Facetime from Momma’s work – and sometimes we enjoy breakfast together even though I am 2 hours away. You still love going to Sara’s, and we love you going there as well. Over the last year a whole new world was opened up to you – best friends, learning, playing, growing… It’s amazing to think how far you have come over the last year.
We celebrated Easter this month! You were hilarious! The Easter Bunny visited our house, leaving behind a trail of easter eggs for you to find. You slowly sauntered out of bed and we headed for the stairs for some “Wayo” (which is what you call breakfast, lunch and supper… basically any meal!) You quickly realized something was different… There was a basket at the bottom of the stairs! You slid down the starts a little faster than normal to see what this was about. You quickly noticed the trail of eggs leading all over the house! You grabbed your basket and did a happy dance at every egg before picking it up and shaking it! It was such a delight to watch! It didn’t take you long to find that the trail of eggs led to a new book, a big chocolate Easter Bunny (which I’m sad to say that Daddy has eaten on you!), and new Minnie panties! You were jumping for joy! Later that morning we placed 3 bowls on the floor and you separated all your egg contents – Fishie crackers, m&m’s and raisons! You were beyond thrilled!
After your nap we headed to Popa and G’s house. You ran inside to tell them what you found at your house… and to your surprise, the Easter Bunny also stopped at their house! You grabbed Momma’s old Easter Basket and headed outside to find all the egg nests! You screamed your high pitch scream, and pointed, and yelled “EGG” and jumped, and ran in circles! Eventually you would pick them up and put them in your basket. Each nest you gave the same reaction. Olive, it was so priceless! You sure do know how to bring a smile to our faces. Uncle Kenney and Candice added to the excitement by giving you your Minnie Lawn chair! Lets just say that it is the only seat you want to sit in, ever! Later that day we had an Easter feast and relaxed until we felt we could move again. This was your third Easter, but by far the most exciting one. It’s so fun watching you understand all our little traditions and getting so excited about them all.
You have started telling us that you love us. I’ve known all along that you do, but hearing you say “WUV YOU” every night before we tuck you in is the best thing. We have our little ritual at bed time… Bath, and then snuggles in our bed between Momma and Dada… You eventually look at me with your “I’m going to give you butterfly kisses” eyes, and then jump right in. First we do butterfly kisses on both cheeks, then Eskimo kisses (both up and down and side to side). Eventually Daddy will say its bed time, you will kick up a little (tiny) fuss, but then demand to give Momma a real kiss and a hug. You give “Daddy Hugs” – the pat on the back kind – which always makes me laugh. After you are content with your hug, Daddy takes you over to your bed, all while you continuously say “Night Night! Wuv You! See ya! Later! Night Night! Wuv You…” Sometimes this goes on for 30 minutes or more. As much as I want to go to sleep, listening to your night nights are so special. How did we get so lucky to have such a loving, caring little girl?
You are big into the sky. You love telling people about our plane ride (“pane in sky”), and you can pick the moon out from a mile away. You are a star-gazer just like your Momma. On clear nights, I love taking you outside just to see the stars. You point at every one, counting “two, three, two, three, seven”! (we are still working on the order!). The Moon and Stars bring huge smiles to your face… That’s why I think you love the book “Goodnight Moon” (just like your Momma did)!
You have been going to Popa and G’s house every weekend for a sleep over. You love going over there, but I think they love having you even more. I don’t ever remember Popa being so excited about all the little things in life. He sits and watches you play with the ladybugs for hours, smiling ear to ear. You bring so much joy and happiness to their lives, Olive! The NHL playoffs are soon starting, and the Senators are on a big winning streak as they try to make the cut. Every Saturday you watch hockey with Popa. You LOVE hockey! Whenever it comes on TV you run up as close as you can get, point, and yell HOCKEY!! But do you know what you love watching with Popa more than hockey? – That’s right, “CHERRY” (Don Cherry) on Hockey Night in Canada. You are probably the only 2 year old in Canada who leaps for joy at the first sound of the Hockey Night in Canada theme song! What a nut! You sit on Popa’s lap, eat your “cream cream” (ice cream cone) and enjoy the game!
Popa watched you one Friday morning while Momma was at work. G had already gone to work. You noticed a few deer out in Popa’s front yard. You are always amazed by animals outside. You watched them intently… Soon there were 4, and then 5, and then 6… Eventually there were 8 deer right there in Popa’s yard. You ran over to Popa and said “Scary!” He sat you on his lap and protected you from those scary deer! 3 deer were okay, but 8 was too much to handle! Popa told this story over and over again! You’ve become a little more cautious about things in your life. You often say things are scary. You don’t have to worry, Olive! We will always be here to protect you!
What else is new?:
  • You are quite the artist. You want to “colly” (colour) all the time! I finally found some great crayons that no longer break in half when you use them. Perfect!
  • We are still working on Potty Training… You aren’t quite catching on, but I think that is Momma and Daddy’s fault. We haven’t been as strict as we should be. Soon we are going to go on a potty training spree weekend – strictly potty, all the time!
  • You love sorting Momma’s buttons! You have figured out how to open my case of “special” buttons. You take them all out, count them (two, three, two three), and put them all back in. Your favourite ones are the Orange ones. Orange is the only colour that you consistently get right, although red and yellow are improving!
  • Lately you have been watching Minnie on TV. Up until now, you only knew Minnie as your stuffed animal. You were shocked to find out that you can watch Minnie and her boyfriend Mickey on TV. You dancing and sing right along with them!
  • You are a dancing, spinning machine. You only ever spin counter clockwise with your right arm straight out!
  • Your birthday bike is not a bike, it’s a bicycle! You make sure to correct us!
  • Your favourite foods are grapes, chicken (which actually is any kind of meat… you just call everything chicken), buns and “lolick” (yogurt)!
  • You still have 3 hour naps in the afternoon when you are at home! Its a present everyday!

I love you, Olive. The most amazing thing is how you always seem to give me what I need at just the right time. When you were born, you helped me slow down and your easygoing nature kept me calm and unfrazzled. As you got older, you played alongside me as I worked on special projects around the house. And now as a toddler, your bravery and fearlessness is helping me personally too. You don’t know what you can’t do. You don’t know what you’re not supposed to do. You don’t know what people won’t believe you can do. You’re happy and proud when you accomplish something – you don’t talk yourself out of your accomplishments or play down compliments about your skills. You smile and cheer for yourself and always try again when you don’t get what you want. As you get older, people say you look and act more like me. The truth is, my smart little garlic girl, I’d really love to act more like you.

We love you to the moon and back!



Happy Second Birthday, my sweet little Garlic Girl!! Two years ago on a warm Saturday morning we welcomed you into our hearts. We were new parents, full of excitement, full of love, but also full of nerves. To be honest, we had no idea what we were doing. As I looked into your beautiful dark blue eyes and brushed my hands through your long hair, I promised you the world. Little did I know that you were actually the one giving me the world. You quickly took those new-parent-nerves away. You so quickly fell into our lifestyle with your happy, easy-going mentality. For that, I am so thankful. You made our jobs so much easier than I ever imagined them
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This month has been full of things that made me stop and think “I’ve got to remember this moment!” It’s not so much about “firsts” anymore, but the short reels of memories played back in my mind from each day that you see something new, the fun experiences we have together, and how I can see you knowing the world more and more each day. The time we spend together is what relaxes me, and whenever I’m at work or at the rink or laying in bed at night listening to you mutter in your sleep across the hall, remembering your face as I close my eyes takes me to the most beautiful place I can be. I spent two
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  There is a statistic that many women hear, but never really imagine being part of their lives. It is a statistic that only those who experience it know the true pain. 1 in 4 women. 25% of women. I had heard about this statistic, but never imagined it happening to me. I grew up in an incredibly healthy family. No broken bones, no serious illnesses. Sometimes I feel that many of the great things in my life were handed to me because everything has fallen into place so nicely. I have always felt like the lucky one. I never imaged being part of a statistic that I didn’t want to have anything to do with. I would never have imagined
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I must admit, I have not yet jumped on the highly commercialize clothing train for Olive. Rather than dressing her in Mini-Mouse everything, I prefer to dress her in incredibly soft and comfortable clothing made by creative entrepreneurs around the world. There’s something magical about beautiful fabric that dances around the room as Olive busily runs from her play kitchen to her book shelves.  We have recently discovered our new favourite brand! The fresh, bold, and beautiful screen printed organic cotton textiles from Winter Water Factory have Olive demanding to wear her dresses day-in-and-day-out. Every morning when we open her closet doors, she points to her beautiful red dresses and smiles. I cannot commend the work of Stefanie Lynen and
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Everyone has their comfort food. This is mine. This past weekend I competed in a Synchronized Skating competition — my first ever. For 25 years I have been a singles skater, but this year I challenged myself to join an adult Synchro Team. They welcomed me with open arms and I have loved every minute. As I was preparing for our competition, I knew I had to pack a loaf of Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread in my skate bag to calm my nerves. It’s funny how something simple like this help prepare you for the big stage… It might not be a healthy option, but it sure helped!

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