A giveaway of DIY proportions!

Today I am happy to announce a giveaway that will blow your socks off… Well, at least it will if you dream of a house you can make your home! Last year I was introduced to the amazing blog Young House Love… This fun-loving couple, John and Sherry Petersik, have spent 5 years documenting two house renovations and all the DIY projects completed on their blog as a fun hobby. Now it is their full time job. How exciting is that? I love hobby-to-full-time-job stories, don’t you?

(Photo courtesy of www.younghouselove.com)

In November they released their new baby to the DIY world! Sherry and John have spent the last three years creating a book that includes 243 ideas to update your home and show it some love! I pre-ordered my book (because I definitely could not have waited a day passed the release)!

Young House Love Book This is such an inspiring book! I drool over all the amazing photos and ideas they present, and truly cannot wait to see some in my house! I thought this would be a great way to start off the blogging new year!! DO YOU WANT TO OWN A COPY OF THIS FANTASTIC BOOK? You don’t have to be a homeowner – You still need to freshen up that dorm room, your leased apartment, or you parents basement!! Anything goes!

Young House Love Inside All you have to do is leave a comment on this post letting me know of a project you might want to tackle in your home! The draw will take place Friday, February 1, 2013 using random-draw.com


Peace, Love, and Home Lovin’,

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13 responses to “A giveaway of DIY proportions!”

  1. Shannon Simpson says:

    We’re hoping to do a vacation collage in our stairway. We’ve painted the bottom half of the stairway and we are pasting a border halfway up the wall. The collage will be above the border. One side of the stairway will be Canadian destinations, and the other side will be international.

  2. Kendra says:

    My husband and I would love to create a work space in our garage. I love crafting and he loves working on different projects. We don’t have any constructive space inside our home and the garage would be a great place for us.

  3. Jillian Bond says:

    Well… As I don’t have a house (yet!), I have to be VERY creative with my storage areas in my teeny tiny apartment. My hope/plan is to build my own shoe/purse/scarf for all of my fabulous items. Maybe your DIY book would give me some ideas! Right now I am scouring the Pinterest world for inspiration! 😉

  4. jan reynolds says:

    I would love/ need my kitchen revamped!

  5. Serena Triacca says:

    Hi Stacy!
    We want to invent a coat hanger, maybe with an old rake. We already have made a “dumb servant” with an old wooven stair we painted in white.
    See yoo soon,

  6. Sarah DeBeir says:

    I would love to redo everything in our suite. But if I had to choose one, it would be the living room. It needs updating and decluttering. I haven’t changed anything since we moved in 6 years ago.

  7. Michelle Z says:

    Really need some fresh ideas for a master bedroom makeover

  8. farragio says:

    Oh gosh, the easier question would be what project don’t I want to tackle in my home. There are so many things I need to do. Patching and painting, hanging curtains and artwork. The list goes on and on! The most immediate project … my son moved into his own place recently, so his room needs a total overhaul.

  9. Herb says:

    Hi Stacy!

    We need to tackle our second bedroom. We’ve been putting off creating a desk area and better flow in the room for a while.

  10. Melanie Scott says:

    Where does one start, when it comes to reonvating and doing projects around the house. The list seems too long! Our master bedroom is perhaps the last room in the house (other than the hallway), that needs a makeover. The peach paint, and 70’s brown and orange carpet, has lived it’s life, and needs to be updated! Would love some ideas on what to do, and how to do it myself!

  11. Gillian says:

    I would love to get all of my books out of storage and out on display in some creative way. I recently scanned all of your old family pictures and I would like to do some sort of collage of them along the staircase.

  12. Gillian says:

    Not all of your old family pictures Stacy, that would be weird, I meant all of my family’s old pictures. lol

  13. Amy Roach says:

    Hi Stacy! I am hoping to freshen up the apartment by painting and creating some storage space for my stockpile of dry foods!!!

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