A Halloween Hedgehog

Hedgehog Halloween Costume

Olive’s second Halloween was a hoot! She was definitely a fan the handfuls of candy she grabbed from the bowls, but she wasn’t completely sure of the strange and scary people walking around the streets of our small town. I think Daddy was pretty excited about the big bag of candy we came home with – but oddly enough, it is almost gone this morning. I wonder why his tummy is so upset?

This year Olive went as a hedgehog! I couldn’t get enough of her cuteness as she strutted up the streets. By the time we finally got to Granny’s I think she was on a sugar high (from the half mini-chocolate bar she ate)! A few weeks ago I finally decided on her costume (it was a huge debate, trust me!) and then I set to work on the sewing machine. I am so happy with the end result!








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2 responses to “A Halloween Hedgehog”

  1. Annie says:

    She is an adorable hedgehog! Great job, and beautiful photos too!

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