A Handmade Halloween


I think it is safe to say that I am far more excited about Halloween the last few years than I ever have been in my lifetime!

With Olive’s first Halloween, I took to my sewing machine and made her (very basic) costume… An olive of course! At the time I didn’t know a whole lot about sewing, but thanks to YouTube I  was able to make something that resembled the little green fruit. This started the tradition of homemade costumes – a tradition I hope I can keep up. I have so much fun shopping for (warm) fabric and drafting up creative patterns!


This was Henry’s first Halloween. I felt that a very literal costume, like Olive the olive, was required (and now expected!)  I admit, I thought of Henry’s costume the day after he was born, and was planning how to construct it from about day 3. Henry the ‘Oh Henry’ chocolate bar!

Our Oh Henry chocolate bar and Pink Flamingo (or ‘flam-ming-mingo’ as Olive says) did quite well on the candy haul (which is a shame for me because we all know Henry doesn’t eat chocolate… and we try to limit Olive’s chocolate intake… a lot)! Sorry waistline!









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