Building a Cedar rail fence

This past weekend we had absolutely amazing weather, which of course meant it was time to do that spring work that couldn’t be done all winter! Our stone farmhouse is nearing 2 centuries old. Being built around the same time as the Rideau Canal (now a World Heritage Site), I often wonder what type of stories these stone walls would tell! Our house has been in Scott’s family for a long time and we lucked into having the opportunity to start our lives together in this house as well. Being a Heritage Conservation Engineer by trade, I have a strong interest in preserving Canada’s heritage buildings, so it only seems fitting that a carpenter and engineer would live here!

We are constantly coming up with new projects inside and outside our home from decorating to flower beds and fences! Last year Scott and I started building a cedar rail fence around our property – not only to keep the cows off our lawn, but also to enhance the heritage feel of our house. This past weekend we spent some time continuing that fence line. Of course, it is a never ending project and takes a lot longer than a post and wire fence. It’s a work in progress – and still needs middle rails!!

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