Fifteen Months with Olive


Dear Olive,

I am the luckiest Momma in the world. I am finding much joy watching you grow and develop every day. The amount of information your little brain can take in astounds me. Your little smile warms my heart. I yearn to hear your belly-laughs. I thank my stars every day for giving me such a precious little girl who fits so nicely into our little country lives!

We celebrated both Mothers Day and my 29th (!) birthday this month! I felt so lucky to be showered with so much love. For Mothers Day we woke early and drove up to Wheelers Pancake House for a yummy breakfast. Your eyes lit up as soon as that syrup landed on your tongue. You let out one big, loud “MMMMMMMMM” followed by a wide-open mouth asking for more. You are just like a little bird when it comes to eating! We hiked around the 5km trail before we headed back towards Perth. You love hikes in the backpack – although you are getting pretty heavy for long walks. It was still a great hike (because you were on Daddy’s back, not min)! On our way home from Wheelers we decided to stop to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Poole. We brought Grandma a really nice little hibiscus flower. Of course we arrived around lunchtime, so we weren’t allowed to leave before eating. You gobbled up all their Old cheese, much to Grandma’s surprise. We giggled and said “Yes, she eats e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g”! We had a great chat with them both. I can tell that Great Grandpa is pretty darn proud of you and your Daddy. They are such amazing people, Olive. That’s why you are named after them! Before leaving, a car drove up the driveway with a delivery for Great Grandma. Out of the car came a GIGANTIC hibiscus flower – triple the size of the one we brought – from your Great Aunt Sandra. We all had a big laugh over that. At least we both got the same colour flower. Ours just has a lot of growing to do to catch up to Sandra’s!


I took the day off for my birthday. I wanted to spend my day at home with you. We went for walks, had a picnic at the harbour and went out to dinner, just the two of us. Daddy was in a meeting all night so he couldn’t come. It was the perfect day spent with my perfect little girl. My birthday gift was one of the two kayaks we got earlier in the month. I cannot tell you how excited I am about them. Daddy and I have been out a fair bit since we got them – and so have you!! I was a little nervous taking you out at first. I didn’t know if we could keep you sitting still long enough, but of course, you loved it. I shouldn’t be surprised. You sat on Daddy’s lap the whole time, smiling ear to ear. Eventually you tucked your head down and had a nice long nap. It was so peaceful. Yet another fun adventure we had.

Olive, you make our lives so easy. I hear so many stories about how hard life can be with a baby. You fit so easily into ours. We did not have to change our routines and our favourite pastimes to accommodate you. You are so easy going, cheerful, and adventurous. Many people think we are crazy for attempting to do some of the things we have done, but I am proud that you don’t stop us from doing things as a family. We don’t enjoy leaving you behind. If we want to do something, we figure out how we can bring you along. You were meant to be our baby from day one.

One weekend morning I came out of the bathroom and had no idea where you disappeared. I walked around the house twice looking for you, puzzled. I finally heard a quiet laugh coming from the stairs. I thought in my head “no… she can’t be up there”, but sure enough, there you were sitting 4 stairs up, proud as a peacock. Since when did you learn to climb stairs? You have officially climbed all the way to the top a handful of times (with me walking closely behind). I just can’t get over how strong you are! The door is now always closed at the bottom of the stairs because that is the first place you scoot to!

You have two new favourite games. Your version of Peek-A-Book (just “Peek!”) and “Ticka-Ticka”! Whenever you are standing by something, you crouch down low; just enough to hide yourself, and then you jump up with smiles and giggles when we yell PEEK! This never gets old for either of us. You are just too cute when you slowly duck your head. Ticka-ticka is a suppertime game (usually). Lately you’ve been enjoying pulling your shirt up to show off your well fed belly. Every time you did that I’d tickle your tummy and say Tickle Tickle! You’ve now started pulling your shirt up and tickling yourself saying “Ticka-Ticka-Ticka”! Oh my gosh, Olive, it is so cute. Words just don’t do it justice.

Some things from this month:

  • You have started giving the best hugs!
  • You love making bracelets out of everything – painters tape rolls, your stackable rings, mason jar lids…
  • You stand by the tub every time I have a shower when Daddy isn’t home.
  • You have almost figured out how to stand up without any help from anything… You only stand for a second before you are on your bum again, but that doesn’t stop you from trying again. You are so determined to conquer it.
  • You haven’t started walking on your own, but you are literally running around the house with our help. I can’t get over how fast you run around the island, the whole time with a huge smile and cute giggles. You did take a few steps on your own down at Davis Lock, but you are still thinking about the whole situation before trying again!
  • You are getting busier and busier! You are always on the move, even when sitting still!
  • You are still eating everything in sight. Everything we eat, you eat. You now insist on feeding yourself with a spoon, Miss. Independent… But half the time you either miss your mouth, or use your other hand to put food on the spoon and then into your mouth!
  • When we say “Whats in your mouth” you open your mouth as wide as it can go, no matter if it is full of food or not!
  • When we say “Where’s your nose” you point to it (or in the general area that may involve your eyes, your cheeks, or your hair)!
  • We are working on finding you ears!
  • Now that the weather is much nicer, we have been spending lots of time on the lawn. You love picking dandelions and playing “he loves, he loves me now”. I just have to figure out which daycare boy you are thinking about!
  • You love going on rides in Daddy’s big truck… It doesn’t matter where you are going, although I think you like the ice cream runs the best.
  • You have a new cousin! Cousin Avery has a little brother named Dawson! He was born a few days before Momma’s birthday! We went to visit him in the hospital – I DO NOT remember you being that small!!

This month has been one of the best. You are so sweet and make me feel so loved every day. Your little hugs brighten my day, and your hilarious facial expressions make me forget about upsetting things. You simply are my pride and joy. The one thing I live for and could never live without. I can’t wait to see what this next month will bring, what words you will be saying, how many steps you will take, how many smiles you will give. Thank you sweetheart. Sleep tight.

I love you to the moon and back!



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