Five Months with Olive


Dear Olive,

I didn’t think it was possible, but I love you more today than I did the day you were born. Your smiles warm my heart and your giggles excite me every time. You are such a curious little girl. Trees amazing you, TV grabs your attention every time and Daddy makes you so darn happy! You are now about 15 lbs 8 oz and measure 25.5 inches! Growing like a bad weed!

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This has been one busy month for you. We started off with your 4-month needles. You made sure to let everyone in the doctors office know that you were not happy. My heart breaks every time we take you to that dreaded room, although it didn’t take too long to calm you down… I think Mommy took longer. The next one is a month away – we both better start preparing ourselves!

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We had two different family reunions to attend in July. First we went to Great Gramps and Bev’s house and then to Great Grandma and Grandpa Poole’s house. You were such a good girl at both. I think you love being around large groups of people. There are so many faces to look at and so many little kids running around. You were quite content being passed around from person to person, letting everyone go goo-goo over your perfect hair, and beautiful, healthy rolls! It won’t be long until you are running around with all the other kids, keeping us on our toes around the water! Right now, I’m quite happy putting you down and knowing where you are


My amazing sleeper turned in to the 2-hour sleep monster. You went from a solid 4-5 hour sleep to getting up every two hours on the dot. I was warned of of the 4-month sleep regression, and you definitely lived up to it! We tried swaddling you tighter, moved you from the bassinet to a comfy playpen and even had more cuddle time… Nothing worked! Getting up that often isn’t an ideal situation, but getting up to see YOU very time surely made up for it. I am happy to report that the 4-month sleep regression is slowly disappearing and we are back to 5-6 hours (I hope I didnt just jinx it!). Keep it coming Olive!


We tried swimming again this month – AND YOU LOVED IT! When we tried to put you in the lake in June, it was still way too cold, but this time it didn’t phase you. You sat in my arms while I moved you around, dipping your hair in the water and letting you splash. You loved it so much that you fell asleep! I think we have a little fish on our hands. I’m glad Grandma and Grandpa have a big lake for you to swim in!


We went on a few local “trips” in the last few weeks. Mommy and Daddy took you to see the buskers in Kingston. I don’t think you really watched the buskers as much as you watched the people surrounding us. We went for a walk around downtown and then had lunch at Milestones. You happily sat in your stroller and watched TSN on the TV on the other side of the room. Boy do you love TV! We also went on a sushi date with Whitney. It was the second time that Daddy had sushi (and I think he is really starting to like it). We had such a great evening, and I can tell Whitney loves you like crazy! You went for your first boat ride from Grandma and Grandpa’s house in to Westport and back. You loved the wind in your hair, and surprisingly you didn’t mind the big lifejacket. Before we know it, you are going to be waterskiing like Daddy!

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We also had a Blair family photo session with Ruth Stenson! It was probably the hottest night of the summer, but we kept you cool by dipping your legs in the water. You definitely didn’t share your smile with Ruth this time around, but lets face it… Any photos of you are perfect, smile or no smile! A few people around town have confessed that they thought we were holding a cabbage patch doll when they first saw the photos. It must be your beautiful cheeks!

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We decided it was Jolly Jumper time. Mommy went to town and bought you a jumper only to get it home to realize it doesn’t fit over the door mouldings (historic house problems!). Daddy, being the adventurous one that he is, decided to rig the Jolly Jumper up to a beam in the living room. It is more like a swing now… but how many babies can say that they have a REAL swing in their living room? OLIVE CAN! You love it! We put you in, give you a little push, and watch the smile come to your face. I love it!


This month two of your friends were born – Ella and Stella!  We were so thrilled to hear the news of the arrival of two little girls. I can’t wait to get you together, and hopefully you will grow up to be good lifetime friends.


Your favourite things to do this month:

  • Making your own “raspberry” sounds and blowing mega spit bubbles
  • Touching your toes, and pulling (boy, you are flexible)!
  • sucking on EVERYTHING!
  • Giggling
  • Playing with your soother (and putting it back in upside down)!
  • Car rides
  • Touching Mommy and Daddy’s faces whenever we get close enough
  • Pretending to be a bat (ie: Daddy holding you upside down)!
  • Singing to music
  • Standing (with Mommy and Daddy’s help)
  • Stroller rides
  • Ice Cream dates in Westport


Its amazing the way you make me feel. Every morning we cuddle before getting ready to face the day, and every evening you have huge smiles for Daddy when he comes home. You love your Daddy  so much. Seeing you look at him with love in your eyes melts my heart every time.

We love you Olive… to the moon and back!


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One response to “Five Months with Olive”

  1. Karen Hamilton says:

    Hi Olive,
    You sure are growing fast. I’m so glad that Mommy is sharing these treasured memories with all of us. You are one blessed little girl that GOD picked the perfect Mommy and Daddy just for you! I know they feel blessed that GOD picked you for them too. Happy 5 month birthday sweet girl. It’s almost time to sit up all by yourself too. Save that for next month though. Hopefully this next month will go by a bit slower. If only babies stayed babies forever. 🙂

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