Lately I have been having a hard time focusing…

Maybe lately isn’t the proper word. For months I have had a hard time focusing. Blame it on work daydreams. Blame it on pregnancy. Blame it on baby. Blame it on a far too early mornings… Since January I have had so many thoughts and ideas flowing through my head that I have had a hard time sitting down and getting all these wonderful ideas started (and more importantly – finished)! So many people ask me how I find time to do the things that I do, but little do they know I am frustrated with myself because I am not doing everything I want to do! In a world full of perfect Instagram galleries, and Pinterest DIY ideas, it is hard to accept that life isn’t always perfect. You can’t always fit time in for that perfect strawberry pavlova recipe or that cute quilting project you found. Little do we know, that perfect Instagram gallery isn’t truly a reflection of their lives. Their lives are just as hectic and just as unorganized…

When I found out I was pregnant, I traded my Instagram and Blogging time for nap time. It seemed to many people that I dropped off the face of the earth. My days were so long with 4:30am mornings, 4 hours of commuting a day, working, skating, family time. One thing had to give for a little while… and that ended up being my creative outlet. I needed time to nap. I thought that would be for the first 3 months, but it turns out that I needed it my entire pregnancy. I never gained that boost in energy once I said hello to the second trimester. Maybe it was because I worked crazy hours, or maybe it was my busy 2 year old toddler… Whatever it was, it sure put a kink in my creative life. Because I wasn’t actually following through with all my ideas, my head feels so full of things I want to get done, but I have no idea where to start. I need focus, and I need it now!

I have been dying to get back to blogging. I find it helps me keep order in my life. Hopefully all these ideas floating around my head will somehow (miraculous) unfold. I honestly can’t wait to share them. I have some pretty big plans that I hope I can now focus on. For the next year I don’t have to worry about jumping out of bed at 4:30am to drive 2 hours to work (no, now I just have to get up at 4:30am to feed the babe, and go right back to sleep)! I really hope this is the start of a more consistent blogging schedule and Instagram gallery curation. I can’t promise, but I really hope! Keep me accountable! Please!

What do you do to stay focused? Do you schedule regular times to work on your blog or those fun projects? How do you stay on track and up-to-date? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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