Today I took a cab from my Gatineau, Quebec office to my job site on Canada’s Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario. I technically work in two different provinces, however the distance between my office in Quebec and job sites in Ontario is about a 10 minute drive (without morning traffic!)

I take this cab ride often. Two or three times a week at least, however I rarely have a conversation with the driver that lasts the entire route. Today was different. Today I jumped into the back seat of a car to take a ride that will forever change my look on life.

I barely said two words the entire trip. I just sat and listened to what he was saying. “Life is meant to be enjoyed. I didn’t become a taxi driver to drive people from place to place. I took this job to help bring smiles to the citizens of Ottawa… To remind them to at least take one moment out of their busy lives to be thankful for what we have and where we live. To take pleasure in the beauty that surrounds us. If they leave my car and forget everything I said – that’s okay… But if they leave my car and pass on the smile to someone else, my words were heard.”

He continued to say “yesterday was a gift, today is a preset, and tomorrow is a surprise”.

I wanted to pass on his words because in today’s world it seems like many people are just living day-to-day. Sleep, eat, work and repeat. The gift of life, the present we have been given to spend a moment of time in this lovely world, the surprises that await us in the future should not be taken for granted.

If anything, take one moment out of every day, breathe in a deep breath, and smile because you have been given another day to pursue your dreams!

Peace, Love and Cheers to Cab 68!

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