happy mothers day!

Every year in May I look forward to this day to honour the woman who raised me to be the person I am today. My mom is a beautiful person inside and out who has always inspired me to run towards my dreams and to continue to challenge myself to my fullest.

Whenever I fell, she was always there to pick me up. Whenever I needed to hear her voice when I was 3 provinces away, she was always available on the other end of the phone. Whenever I wanted the newest trend (oh Umbro.. I loved you back in the day), she was at the store buying it for me. My mother has always put her life on hold to make sure I had everything I ever needed – from figure skating, to sending me to my university of choice, to my perfect wedding dress… She was the first person there to support me.

I love my mother more than anything. The best way to describe my love for her is a saying we always said before going to bed. “I LOVE YOU BIGGER THAN THE UNIVERSE”!

Happy Mothers Day to all mom’s out there!!

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