My new obsession

Well, maybe it’s not a new obsession, however it is an obsession that I have just realized has been an obsession for a little while now. Does that make sense?

I love recipe books! I have been “collecting” them for a little while now, although I never intentionally meant to start collecting them. I just love the yummy photos that say “I dare you to try to make me look this good”. I seldom buy a recipe book that is photo-free because, to me, the pictures are what inspire you. With that said however, I do own photo-free book, but it was a no-brainer to add to the shelf. It is, of course, Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking – a classic kitchen must have. I also love the chefs who take the time to write stories about their creations or personal lives. These stories create an atmosphere that I yearn to create in my own home with my own cooking.

Last week I bought another recipe book from Chapters Online. Seasons by Donna Hay. The photos in this book are mouth-watering good and the fact that she has hand-written text all over the pages makes it feel like a personal to-do list to myself. The book is laid out in four sections – spring, summer, fall and winter. All the recipes use produce that is in season… None of this going to the grocery store and coming home with strawberries in the middle winter business! I always wonder how far out-of-season produce has travelled to get to our tiny grocery store and then my second thought is how many chemicals have been used to keep them looking fresh? Ugh.

I was so excited to receive my package in the mail to start summer off with a bang! (I sure hope there are tons of pepper and squash recipes because our garden is a-growin’!)

Peace, Love and Yummy Photos!

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