Nicole’s Classes

I have to tell you about something I discovered just about a month ago – I am addicted!


It’s called Nicole’s Classes and it is a website offering online courses that each range between 2 weeks to a month long. Nicole’s Classes are do-at-your-own-pace, FUN courses that offer a wide variety of subjects from Photoshop to Floral Arranging and everything in between. I couldn’t have stumbled upon a more perfect classroom if it hit me in the face!

I just finished my first class (Illustrator 101) and am currently working on Creating an Identity and Sewing 101 (even though I know the in’s and out’s of a sewing machine, I have been more of a quilter. I am learning how to make my own dress)! I have also signed up for multiple other courses throughout the summer. Taking classes that actually interest you makes learning so much more enjoyable. I wake up excited to move on to my next lesson and to work on homework. (Yes, I said homework! But you aren’t necessarily graded, or penalized if you don’t do it… It’s more for your own advancement and practice of your new skills). The teaching staff for Nicole’s Classes are excellent, with many years of practice and knowledge in their field. They respond very quickly to any questions you have, and offer encouraging words and advice on your weekly assignments.

I am taking these classes to help with a major project I will be announcing in the next few months. I am so excited to tell you all about it, but for now I will leave you wondering while you have a look through some of my Illustrator projects (I had no previous knowledge of Adobe Illustrator before taking this course)!


New The Little Red Button logo featuring one of my favourite colour combinations


A “painting” of Little Miss Olive


O Canada


A pretend Baby Shower Invitation


Let me know if I have encouraged you to sign up for a course or two! I’d love to see what you are working on!!

Peace, Love and Learning,

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