Nine Months With Olive

IMG_0595-copy Dear Olive,

Today is an extra special day! Not only is it your baby champagne birthday (9 months old on December 9 — No, we didn’t give you a sip of champagne like you asked!), it is also Daddy’s birthday today! Daddy is officially 26 years old, but if you ask him he is 25. You will learn when you grow older that Daddy always forgets how old he is. I have some funny stories to tell you that involve a casino and being quizzed on his age… But I will save that story until you are older! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!

IMG_2362 Your kisses are amazing! Sometimes you kiss me five times in a row… Sometimes its just one big open mouth smooch… Others times I get the tongue (!)… and the remainder of the time you get a good chomp on my lip. I am the only one that you really kiss right now (well, me and Clifford!!). Granny tries to steal kisses whenever she can, but you turn your head and will immediately kiss me. I can truly feel how much you love me. My heart melts every time you smile you two tooth grin… Every time your mouth slowly opens as wide as it can… and every time you give my lip a good suck. 

IMG_0413_1 All month long I make little mental notes about everything you are doing and learning, every funny story and every lesson learned.  I still keep thinking I have a tiny baby, but you are growing and changing every day and becoming so independent. You are about 19.5lbs and 28″ long! As heartbreaking as it is to watch your infancy drift further and further away, these days are the most giggly, silly, loving, joy-filled days yet. You are really turning into a little shadow. You are reacting to us as a person would. Like a real human. You laugh at us and glare at us and ignore us and reach for us and have your own ideas about everything. As you become a “Real Human” you are also revealing a “Real Personality“. You can be very serious and sober. You can be giggly and smiley. You can be quite voicetress (in church), but very, very quite when playing with you toys. You are very focused. You absolutely love to sit on the floor surrounded by books. You take the time to turn each page and look at the photos. Surprisingly, you are very gentle with paperbacks. You never crinkle a page. You prefer to sit on the floor with books rather than play in the Exersaucer we just got you! Figures!

PicMonkey Collage2 We went to the Remembrance Day ceremony in Westport. Although, you didn’t know what was going on, you were so quiet and respectful of all the people around us. Grandpa happened to be there. He drove a bus full of military men and women to Westport. It was a beautiful ceremony with wonderful readings, singing from both elementary schools, and marching soldiers. You liked that part the best. 

Daddy and Mommy have been able to get out on a few date nights this month. We went to dinner and a movie with Mike and Claire. This was our first time we drove an hour away from you. Granny was thrilled to come and have you all to herself. I was just a little worried that you would get fussy, but you were a pretty good girl! You played, and ate, and watched figure skating! You were fussy for about the last half hour… You just wanted Mommy to help you go to sleep. We had a great night out. I wondered what you were doing the entire time we were gone, but it was nice to know that you were safe and having just as much fun as we were! We also went to an evening baby shower for one of your future friends – the Norwoods! Grandma looked after you this time! You had a blast. You ate cheerios in the highchair, played with Daddy’s old toys, and helped Grandma wrap some Christmas presents! you LOVED wrapping presents (which confirms my thought that you will be happy with wrapped (empty) boxes for Christmas. You love paper — Any kind of paper — newspaper, wrapping paper, tissue paper… You love it all! I think you are developing the same love that I have over the years! Two days ago we went out on our third outting-without-Olive. This time Mommy and Daddy went to dinner and a movie on their own to celebrate Daddy’s birthday (a few days early). You went to Great Aunt Suzette’s. Granny and Grandpa also went to spend the evening with you. You played hard! You modelled all the hats in their house, played with icepacks, and were fascinated with duck calls. You were so tuckered out when we went to pick you up! You were asleep before we even left the driveway.

IMG_0755 You were in your first Santa Clause parade in Westport! We brought up the tail end for the skating club’s choreographed dance number to Jingle Bells. I decorated your stroller with tinsel, a big bow, and a crocheted figure skate and bundled you in about 5 layers of clothes and 2 blankets. You were nice a toasty when we took you out of your stroller! You had no idea what was going on. Everyone was yelling “LOOK! BABY OLIVE IS IN THE PARADE”, but you were more interested in the giant horses behind us! 

IMG_2301 We are starting to really gear up for your first Christmas! I am so exited about it. Christmas is Momma’s favourite time of year. I love the traditions that the holiday brings, the joy the fills the air in our little town, and the happiness it brings to our families. I hope that as you grow, you learn to appreciate these little things that Christmas brings. It definitely is the best time of year. You just wait… Granny is going to go crazy on Christmas morning! I am looking forward to starting a few new traditions this year. I hope we keep them up until you are old enough to start your own traditions with your new family!


You met Santa Claus TWICE! We made the trip in to Kingston to see Jolly Old Saint Nick this past week – on the “feast of Saint Nicolas” to be exact! You were so good Olive! There were a lot of crying babies and kiddos around us, but you were excited to meet this white bearded guy Momma was telling you about. You gladly let me sit you on his lap. You took one good look at him and went straight for his beard. He let out a little “ouch!” and you giggled! Lets just hope that didn’t put you on the naughty list! This past weekend we went to breakfast with Santa at The Junction restaurant! Granny, Grandpa and Uncle Kenney also came along! Your face lit up when you saw his bright red suit. The older kids did some singing while following Santa around the  restaurant. Every time he came near, your mouth dropped open and your head was on a swivel as you followed him around the room. You already love Santa! I was so surprised how intrigued and focused you were. We are in for some fantastic Christmas’!

PicMonkey Collage1


IMG_0519 Your final big thing this month – the Christmas tree! I think this was the is the earliest we have ever set up our tree! You love the bright lights and all the little animals. I think this is my favourite tree yet! I can see you curling up underneath the branches and gazing up at its beauty. I love seeing Christmas through your eyes. It is absolutely amazing. You are reminding me what it really is all about! Thank you!

trEE Some of your favourite things this month:

  • Opening your mouth as wide as it will go every time you see something “cool”
  • Singing to the music on the radio and in church
  • Flapping your arms like a bird when you get excited
  • Sitting strongly on your own and slowly thinking about getting up on those knees (but not quite yet!)
  • Sleeping in your own room, in your own crib (most nights). You still fall asleep in our bed and then we move you over. I dont see it as a bad habit if we dont mind it. I love snuggling with you at night. You roll over on your side and touch my face with both hands. That is how you fall asleep. I cherish this every time.
  • Sweet Potatoes, Regular Potatoes, Carrots and Apples, Avocado and Bananas, Strawberry and Bananas, Cheerios
  • Playing by yourself on the floor (so independent!)
  • Jumping in your jolly jumper (that is hooked up to the beam in our living room!)
  • high pitch squeals (not often… but you still do it!)
  • Karate-worthy-kicks
  • You are having regular naps from 10am-12pm! Life saver!
  • Playing with Daddy’s Movember beard
  • You think a soother in MY mouth is the funniest thing. You pull it out of my mouth and laugh historically!
  • Baking with Momma. If I;m baking, you have to be right there with me. The floor does not suffice. You will sit on the counter in your chair for hours, quiet as can be, watching me. So content.
  • Playing in (and eating) your first snow!

IMG_2279 Daddy loves you as much as I do. He loves to take you places on Saturday mornings while I skate. He now has your big girl carseat in his truck so you are free to roam with him anytime. You love your Daddy time just as much. Your face brightens every time he walks into the room.It makes me so happy!

I am so incredibly proud of you. I cant get over how much your personality is developing. I love the person you are becoming! So happy. So quiet. So amazed. So bright. So content. So much fun!

Keep it coming, my growing girl!



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