Nineteen Months with Olive


Nineteen months. One year and seven months. It’s starting to get to the point where saying the months really isn’t meaningful in terms of development – You are one and a half. You are a toddler. You are becoming more and more independent and self-sufficient every day. It amazes me. Rotating on the backdrop of my computer are your monthly photos. Every so often I find myself staring at them, wondering when was the exact moment you went from looking like a baby to looking like a little girl. Was it on your first birthday? When we started putting your hair in piggy’s? When you decided you would only eat with a fork?

19 Months with Olive | 27th and Olive

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about promises. Promises kept are one of the truest expressions of love because keeping a promise is a responsibility. It takes unfailing devotion and commitment. “I love you” is a promise. “I won’t give up” is a promise. And anything you say to yourself–“You can finish this,” “You can do better,” “You are enough,” “You are a beautiful, radiant beacon of positivity and magic”–can become a promise, too. I have made many promises to you. To love you, to help your grow and learn, to teach you about life, to help you through the good times and the rough times. I made a promise the day that you made me a mother. I promised to be there every day to guide you, but to let you make your own decisions. I also promised to write you a monthly letter. I promised to document your childhood and my own life as a mother, to honour these memories and try to use my words rather than photos and videos to remember this time. Each letter seems like a big deal, and no words ever seem right when trying to express how proud I am of you, how much I wish for you and how much beauty and adventure the world has promised for you. I still haven’t quite figured out when I will give you these books and books of letters. Maybe on your wedding day. Maybe when you go away to school. Maybe you will always have them. Time will tell, but for now I promise to keep writing so I can give you the gift of your childhood.

We have been going on many fun adventures this month. We have so many wonderful things in our area to fill our days. I want you to know that there is a whole world out there to discover that does not require you to go to the theatre, or shopping, or staying inside playing video games. You loved toting my quilt to the field a few weeks ago to enjoy a yummy picnic lunch. We ate, and played and napped in the afternoon sun. You discovered grasshoppers. Every time you tried to touch one it would hop just out of your reach. You giggled and wiggled towards it again. I know there will be a day where discovering new things (like grasshoppers) will end, but I hope you will still find joy in the little things. There was a time in my life where I hurried through every day, never taking a moment to smell the flowers, however you have taught me to slow down. You have taught me to enjoy living small.



It’s apple picking season! We spent a weekend morning at Kilmarnock Orchard filling our basket to the brim. This fall has been so beautiful, the temperatures just right. You had a blast running up and down the rows of apple tress… McIntosh, Gala, Courtland… You loved them all. After a lot of playing and a lot of apple testing we happened to run into MaryLee and all the kids! They helped us fill our basket full of McIntosh apples of all sizes. You couldn’t help but sneak your little hands into the basket and sneak the biggest apple of the bunch. You love your apples! We played and visited with the kids for a little while before heading back to the car. I hope we do this every year. It is so refreshing coming home with a bushel of apples picked right off the tree.

Apple Picking | 27th and Olive


You are growing more and more aware by the day. You understand so much. When I say “lets go outside” you run and get my shoes. There’s no time to waste when it comes to the outdoors! You try to help me put them on my feet, however they are usually backwards. You love helping me do the laundry and clean the house. You help me put the clothes in the dryer, and fold daddy’s t-shirts as best you can. I’m not allowed to help, because you are determined to do it yourself… So I wait until naptime to fix your pile and tuck them away. If I ask you to put the hampers away, you slide them back into the closet to exact place they belong. I am so amazed at the things you know. Swiffering is still one of your most favourite jobs. As soon as I pull my broom out, you have your swiffer in hand. You love to push my newly swept piles all over the room; so again, I have to actually sweep the floor during nap time. I don’t mind. I love that you are taking an interest in the daily chores around the house!

19 Months with Olive | 27th and Olive

Skating is in full swing, and you are, yet again, a rink baby. You are so intrigued as you watch Momma and Auntie Kara go around the ice. I see you upstairs with Grandma, glued to the window as you watch. Your waves get bigger and bigger by the day. I cannot wait until we take you out on the ice. I’m in search of a pair of skates small enough to fit you… Your feet are probably the only thing small about you!

19 Months with Olive | 27th and Olive

19 Months with Olive | 27th and Olive

19 Months with Olive | 27th and Olive

Lately we have been leaving the stroller in the car as we walk around town. I’m slowly letting you have a little more independence as we venture up and down the sidewalks (although you are always in an arms reach). You are so good to stay on the sidewalk as we walk, only diverging off of it to smell the flowers in the beautiful gardens. One day we spent a good 30 minutes walking back and forth through red and yellow coloured leaves that now adorn most of the walks. You loved swishing your feet through the colours, kicking them up in the air sometimes. You point and giggle — your signature style. You love walking up the church steps and watching the cars and big truck go by. My heart melted one day as we were walking back to the car. You reached up and wrapped your little hand around my index finger. I don’t know why, but I felt so special because you wanted to hold my hand. I never thought something so small would make my day so amazing. You are starting to really show your affection towards us. Although the words “I love you” have not been said, I know that is exactly how you feel. I can see it in your eyes, in the way to hug us, in the way you have to kiss us 10 times before bedtime. Feeling our love reciprocated is simply the best.

19 Months with Olive | 27th and Olive

Some other notable things from this month:

  • Someone has gone pee pee and poopie on the potty!! I was so excited when you did. I don’t think you really have much of an idea why Momma was jumping and clapping and saying “GOOD GIRL”, but you smiled ear to ear and clapped for yourself as well! I was so proud!
  • You eat everything. Right now you love eating a whole apple, uncut and unpeeled! You are also asking for ‘nee-ah’s’ which mean Banana’s.
  • You are counting to three. I often find you in the corner counting your blocks, or books, or stuffed animals “oooooone, twooooo, free”. You still haven’t quite figured out four, but we are working on it!
  • You are talking more and more. Every day there are new words. You’ve also been coming up with your own words for things, which sometimes takes us a few days to figure out. “Way” is water, “Nee-ow” is meow, “Nee-ah” is banana, “soose” is shoe. I love these words!
  • You said you first sentence onc night as I was putting you to sleep. We were walking into the hall and you said “Goodbye Daddy” as clear as day! I couldn’t believe it! That was the first time you ever said Goodbye, and the first time you ever called Da-Da Daddy. (you only call him Daddy when Goodbye is in front of it though!)
  • You know where all your body parts are – nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, ears, hair, head, fingers, hands, toes, feet, belly button! You will point to every one when we ask, then point to ours too! You really like to ‘honk’ our noses!
  • For the very first time we heard you belly laugh so hard that tears came out of your eyes! Uncle Jordan was over for a visit and he was doing some very silly things with you! You laugh is so full of life. It is so contagious!
  • Your favourite thing to do while at Granny’s house is play with her old toy crib and the baby. You take everything out of the crib and slowly put it all back together — the mattress first, and then the sheet and pillow. Next comes the baby and then all the blankets. I am amazed that you know the order and how well you can tuck in the baby (most of the time! Other times I’m pretty sure that baby would be crying)!
  • Lately Daddy has been putting your hair in ponies and pigtails before he takes you to daycare. I know I shouldn’t be surprised. Your Daddy is a very special Daddy. He does such a good job and I am so proud of him. I just can’t figure out how he gets his big fingers around those tiny elastics!
  • You have been giving us some silly looks lately! I don’t even know how to describe them. One look is very sly, another is full of crazy eyes, another is like you are trying to hide or get away from us. It’s so much fun to watch your expressions change!

19 Months with Olive | 27th and Olive


October is aways going to be a month to celebrate but it is always going to be hard. Yesterday was 2 years since your Great Popa left us to go to Heaven. He was an amazing man, Olive, and he was so excited to know you were on the way. I know he picked an extra special little girl for us and I know he is always keeping you safe. You have an amazing angel by your side every day. I promise to always tell you stories about him… I have a lot to tell! You should be proud that he is your Great Popa!

Thanksgiving is this weekend. With every passing day I grow more and more thankful for our little family. I am thankful for your Daddy. He is the most amazing man I could have ever imagined and he is so good with you. I am thankful for the time you get to spend with him – just Olive and Daddy. I am thankful for the things he is teaching you and for the ear-to-ear grins you give him when you see him. I am thankful for the moments we spend playing outside, swinging in the fall breeze and digging in the driveway. I am thankful for your hugs and smiles and kisses. I am thankful that you love going to daycare at Sara’s and for all the friends you have made there. I am thankful for the amazing gift you have given me – being your mom. You are amazing. You are so healthy and so loved. Each day with you is a breath of fresh air. Watching you play and draw and clap and sing are the highlights of my days. I never knew this love. Thank you, my darling, for sharing this time with us. Thank you for loving us the same way we love you.

 I love you to the moon and back!


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4 responses to “Nineteen Months with Olive”

  1. Amy says:

    Hi! New reader, here. I’m loving your blog.
    Your little Olive is a doll! I’m currently expecting my first bebe… a boy. I can’t wait to share little moments like these with him 🙂


    • Stacy says:

      These little moments are to treasure!! I’m so excited to hear you love my blog!! I’m definitely on my way to check out yours!!!!! xo

  2. Olivia says:

    Oh wow. This made me smile as though I was reading a story of my own girls. What a magical, wonderful idea and gift indeed. Love it and I’m so very glad to have found your lovely blog!

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