One Month With Henry

1 month

Dear Little Mr. Henry,

As I sit here writing you this letter, you are curled up in your little green swaddle blanket and nestled in your comfy bassinet at my side. I can’t help but continually peek over and stare at my sweet angel, so cute when you sleep. Every so often your little eyes try so hard to open, forming little crescent shapes, but you are just so tired they can’t quite open. You stretch, arching your long back and pushing your chin to the sky. Your arms stretch and I hear your cute little groans as you smirk. I think you are ready to wake, but your little arms curl up under your chin and your skinny legs fold up so perfectly to your belly button. “Just a sleeping stretch”, I think as I watch you fall back to sleep so peacefully. I could watch you sleep for hours. I forgot how peaceful it is.

Welcome to our family, precious little Henry!



We welcomed you into our hearts one month ago. Time is already going too quickly. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to share my love with Olive and a new baby, but the moment I saw you, I knew it was possible. I held you oh so close to heart, closing my tear-filled eyes, so thankful to know that you were here, beautiful and healthy. I held you in my arms for over two hours, sharing cuddles and nursing you, Daddy right at my side. You knew exactly what to do. You made it so easy for me.


We decided to have a home birth. You were welcomed into this world in the place we call home. The place you will always know as your safe haven. You took your first breath in our bedroom as your Daddy and I held you close. Your cousin Jessica was one of the two midwives who helped with your delivery. It felt so right to be home. Your birth was so special and surrounded by so much love. As I held you on my chest, I called your big sister at G and Popa’s house. I was holding back my tears as I heard her little voice say “Hi Momma!” It felt so surreal to tell her that she has a little brother, that she is a big sister. I let the tears stream down my face as we spoke. I couldn’t wait to be cuddling in our bed with just you, Olive and Daddy. That is what makes home birth so special – no doctors or nurses constantly checking in on you, no cold hospitals, no long car rides home – just our little family and our big bed!





Your big sister is so proud of you. I was so fearful that things would drastically change once you were here. I was afraid Olive would not adjust to having a full time baby in our house, but I was wrong. The moment she walked into our room to meet you for the first time, she was in love. She was so amazed by your tiny little eyes and ears. She wanted to kiss you, and hold you, and cuddle you from the moment she jumped up on to our bed. It truly melted my heart and put all my fears in the distant past. Her love for you has not changed over the last month. The first thing she wants to do when she wakes up is to see you. “Hi Henry!” she says in her high-pitched voice as she leans in for a big kiss and a little tickle. Your sister is a special little girl. I know she will always be there when you need her. I wish I could freeze time and enjoy you two together, so small and innocent, but I am also so excited to see you two grow together. I know you will have your moments. I know I will have to break up fights. But I also know that you will love each other unconditionally. Please always know how important she is and always hold her tight. Family is everything. I feel so proud of you two. I’m not afraid to tell anyone that. Kerry-Ford---PRINT-139

Your first month with us has been full of new firsts. Even though we have been through the “first month” with Olive, it has felt like the first time all over again. It is amazing the things you forget after two years – the baby smells, the how-to’s for bath time, for car rides, and for feeding, swaddling, naps and baby cuddles. It feels like this is our first time too. You have been so easy going and patient with us as we learn how to live with a newborn and a busy toddler. Life has been a little hectic as we adjust, but you have fit right in to our family, as if you have been here since day one.

You have a lot of love surrounding you. So many people have made visits to meet you. Your proud grandparents – G, Popa, Grandma and Grandpa cannot get enough of you. They are all so thrilled to have a little man join our family. Uncle Ken Ken and Candice were the first to arrive at the house to meet you (however we made the wait a while – Olive had to meet you first!), and your Aunties Jamie, Hilary and Kara cannot get enough cuddle time! So many other friends and family have stop for baby kisses – too many to list! Just know that you are so loved.







You arrived in my arms on August 12, 2015 at 5:01pm. You weighed 8lbs. 8.5oz. and were 21” long. You are absolutely perfect. Just when I thought my heart was full, you have filled it even more.

Facts for Henry:

  • Henry Joseph Blair (Henry – because we loved the name, Joseph – after Popa!)
    8lbs. 8.5oz. and 21” long
  • Midwives: Jessica Raison and Genia Stephen
  • You have webbed toes on your right foot just like Uncle Kenney and Great Grandpa Murray! You and Ken Ken are “Toe-Bros”
  • Born at home!
  • After one month you are: 9lbs 7oz., 22.5” long
  • Olive has many names for you – Hungry Henry, Big Guy, Big Fella, Little Brodder (brother), That! (my favourite! Haha)
  • You like to sleep – a lot! For the first 2 weeks you were waking every 3-4 hours, however at week 3 you upped it to 6 hours!
  • Your first outing, besides leaving Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, was to Marcia’s for ice cream!
  • You have been on many visits to Popa and G’s house, and also to Grandma and Grandpa’s house! This past weekend was your first “Labour Day Blair Fishing Tournament”… although you didn’t do any fishing. Maybe next year!
  • Up until the day you were born, big sister Olive still sat in your bassinet (it never left our room after Olive grew out of it). Surprisingly enough, she hasn’t tried to get in it yet! She knows it is now your bed!
  • When you were 2 weeks old, Olive’s barn kitty, Jessie, was hit by a car. She had kittens the same day you were born. We have taken them in, so now instead of nursing 1 baby, I am nursing 5! You are being a good sport while I try to get all 4 kittens fed, cleaned, and cuddled!
  • Aunt MaryLee and Uncle Keith didn’t even know Momma was pregnant! They had quite the surprise when Daddy called to tell them you had arrived! Momma could hear MaryLee’s reaction all the way in the other room! “NOOOOOOOO!” she yelled in excitement!
  • When you were a day old, Daddy was changing your diaper. He thought you were done going poopie, but SURPRISE! You weren’t! It just kept coming and coming and coming! Daddy said it was just like toothpaste!
  • You are a puker just like your sister! I have never washed our shirts or changed my clothes as much as I have in the last month – but that’s ok!


I feel like we have won the lottery. You have made our family so perfect. In many ways, I cannot wait to see you grow up. I cannot wait to see who you become. But in many other ways, I wish we could stop time and enjoy the oh-so-tiny-you. You have brought a new breath of fresh air to our family in more ways than one.


As I cuddle you on my chest, whispering I love you forever, I rub your tiny little nose and watch your little eyes flutter. You try so hard to keep them open, but you eventually succumb to sleep. This is my favourite time. Everyone else in the house is asleep, but I can’t help but watch you peacefully. As tired as I am, I find myself soaking in as many cuddles as I can get, because I know that before long, you will be a busy toddler, an active teenager, a grown up man. Please always remember where you come from and know that “I will love you forever, I will like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”

Welcome home Henry!


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