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This past weekend I received some beautiful wedding photos from Carol, a bride I not only had the opportunity to work with, but also had the chance to meet her! Carol is such a charming person inside and out. She came to me because she was looking for a way to honour some very special people who unfortunately were taken from her life too early. Her bouquet was one of the most sentimental bouquets I have ever had to chance to make. Carol’s younger brother passed away a few years ago. While searching for a way to honour him without placing his photo all over her wedding, she came across the perfect picture he drew when he was younger. It was of a turkey (for Thanksgiving – the same weekend Carol married the love of her life) and written on the photo was something that made me cry when I first read it “I am thankful for me and my sister Carol”. I couldn’t have imaged a more perfect drawing to use. Carol scanned this image so I could make copies and use to make the roses in her bouquet. She also included a beautiful sailing photo taken by her late uncle and a beautiful german drawing that her great aunt created. So much meaning in one little bouquet!


Untitled-1 Usually when I finish an order, I pack it in a box and head to the post office to ship to the new bride-to-be, however this time was different. Carol happened to be visiting her parents right before her wedding to finish up some plans for her day. Her parents live in a town about 30 minutes from me, so we planned to meet up to make the exchange instead. I was so excited to meet Carol and hand over her bouquet, but it was also a little nerve wracking as I watched her unwrap the box and pull the bouquets out. This was the first time I witness a bride seeing her bouquet for the first time. I was so afraid she wasn’t going to like it, but that feeling was immediately washed away as she pulled it out. I was trying hard not to cry, and so was she as she saw her brother’s drawing all over her bouquet. It was perfect!






Screen-Shot-2013-11-23-at-11.34.06-AM I love this photo of Carol showing off her bouquet! I can only imagine she was explaining all the sentiments hidden within it!

Screen-Shot-2013-11-23-at-11.35.44-AM Carol, it was an absolute honour creating these for you. I’m so glad you were able to have your brother with you on your day. I am so glad we had the chance to meet you, and hope that it won’t be the only time!! Congratulations and all the best in the many years to come! 

(All photos courtesy of Heather Prosser Photography

Olive says ” YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”




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2 responses to “Real Weddings: Carol”

  1. Jill Babcock says:

    Stacy…I am in tears everytime that I read your very touching, heartfelt piece that you blogged on Carol’s bouquet. First of all, thank you ever so much for allowing her to personalize the bouquet with pieces from our passed loved ones. To have included the artwork that my son had made in Gr. 1 was a perfect way to honour his memory! When you sent pictures of her finished bouquets and boutiniers and her sister’s wristlet, I cried. Shortly after she had met with you and received her parcel of flowers, I was able to see them as well. I cried when she opened the box and there was the masterpiece itself. Amazing, beautiful, just absolutely perfect! Handcrafted together so professionally! You certainly are an extremely talented woman with a pure heart of gold! That you had tears in your eyes as well…that is so loving and endearing to me. Every decision that Carol had made about her wedding was made straight from the heart. It had to feel just right. It was a perfect heartfelt choice to have you make her flowers for her. Stacy, I wish all the best for you and your beautiful family. With your amazing talents, you should soon be in high demand. I totally recommend your works of art and that brides everywhere should forget about real flowers. Your flowers are forever and will be handed down from mother to daughters. Amazing! Love Jill (Carol’s mom)

    • TLRB-admin says:

      Jill, thank you so much for you beautiful message and wonderful compliments on my work! Carol was so amazing to work with and with every new idea, the bouquet became more and more meaningful. I am so happy I was able to provide that perfect way to remember your son. I cannot even imagine going through such a loss. You and your family are so strong, and I am so please to see that Carol’s days was all that she hoped for. I was so happy to be able to actually meet her. I have never met any of my brides (with the exception of some of my close friends I have worked with). Meeting her and seeing her open the box for the first time is something I will always remember and cherish!! Thank you you again. You are so sweet!

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