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I can’t believe it. We almost missed one of the best seasons of year.

How did that happen, you ask?

It all started with the plan to go on a family vacation to Prince Edward Island. We booked for the last week in June, completely neglecting the fact that it was strawberry season. Fast forward to the second last week in June when we started to see the roadside Strawberry vendor booths pop up and we thought “OH NO”! We hoped and prayed that we could go picking on the island, but their climate makes for a later season. We kept our eye on the one and only strawberry patch we could find, but it never opened while we were there. 

Luckily, we made it home in time for the last big pick. We filled our baskets, and then went home to figure out what to do with them all! 

Okay, so we weren’t SO concerned over missing the strawberry season… I mean, a family holiday trumps all, but we were happy to arrive home with some time to spare! One of my favourite go-to snacks is this easy Strawberry Salsa. There really isn’t a recipe for it. I just go by taste when adding in the ingredients. I prefer more mint, others don’t! The quantities are up to you. Make for single serving or a large party!

Total time: 5 minutes

Mini Chocolate Chips
Fresh Mint
Graham Crackers

Combine all ingredients to your liking. I prefer lots of mint, however other do not! That is what is so great about this salsa! You mix, and test. Mix and test. Until you have your favourite combination!

Bon App├ętit!


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