The Blair Honeymoon Adventures – Chapter 2: Naples/Capri, Italy

On November 2 we said goodbye to the amazing city of Rome and boarded our ship – The Star Princess – in Civitavecchia (approximately an hour and half outside the city). We quickly found our room, checked out our balcony and then headed to the main deck for some pizza and our first drink! Around sunset, the horns blasted and we set sail for Naples! For the rest of the evening we toured around the boat, finding our way between the dinning room, the lounges and the casino.

The next morning we woke up to the sun peaking through our window. Unlike many travelers on the ship, we decided to wake up when we wanted to wake up. We had the whole day to explore, so why set an alarm on your vacation? (Mind you, our “sleeping in” is trying to stay in bed until 8:00am)! We got up, got dress, had breakfast in the buffet dinning room and then headed off the ship to explore Naples…

… But we never actually saw Naples. Instead, we decided to bypass the the birth place of pizza to spend the day on the Island of Capri! We found a wonderful tour guide on the ferry pier who joined us in Capri with 2 fellow Canadians.

As the island came closer and closer, I could see the colourful houses and the tiny winding roads that spun their way up the high cliffs above us.

Because tourism slows down in Mediterranean in October, we had the chance to walk down the main road almost tourist free. We were surrounded by the locals buying their groceries at the local market and yelling obscenities in Italian. It was absolutely wonderful!

We boarded our custom made bus that was built to trek up the cliff to Anacapri. Anacapri is another town on the island that is built approximately 150m above Capri Town. The hairpin turns and skinny roads had both Scott and I on the edge of our seats, but the views were spectacular! Never had I seen such a quaint place that I would consider calling home!

After a long climb up the hill while passing other buses going down the narrow road, we made it to Anacapri safely. Our tour guide walked us around the streets explaining the origin of the town, pointing out the lovely lemon trees and telling us about the must-see-sites. Scott and I opted for the chair lift that would take us for a 590m ride to the highest point on the island. Thats right… It was just you, the chair, and 590m of cable to bring you to the top!

It was a peaceful ride up. I found myself turning around more often than watching where we were going because the view just kept getting better and better. The houses soon turned into the little dots way below us. When we got to the top we found a lovely little restaurant, walking trails and spectacular look off points. This was by-far the best way to spend our afternoon on the Island of Capri!

When it was time to head back down, I took one last look at the view and smiled. I remember thinking “I am at the top of Capri… with my husband… on our honeymoon! Nothing gets better than this”…

… until we arrived back in Anacapri and went for a pizza in what we were told was the best pizza in all of Italy! Our tour guide might have been right – or maybe it was the price that was so good! 7 Euros for 2 glasses of wine, salad and a HUGE pizza that we definitely could have shared! YUM!

We eventually made our way down the winding road back into Capri Town. There, our tour guide gave us some free to time wonder the streets, and get some souvenirs. We opted to get Limoncello that was made from Lemons on the island. It looked fantastic, but later we found out that it was an acquired taste. Our guests now get to try it when they come to visit! While wondering the streets we came across a cactus TREE. Yes thats right… a cactus tree! We also found some great gelato which we enjoyed while sitting on a bench people watching.

Before long we took a gondola down the hill to catch our ferry back to Naples. A day to always remember!

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