The Blair Honeymoon Adventures – Chapter 3: At Sea

After we set sail form Naples, we settled in for the next day at sea. Previous cruises that I had been on had 3 to 4 days at sea, however of the 12 days that we were on the Star Princess, day 3 was the only day at sea!

We woke up to the sight of this ship sailing by us… Does it look familiar? Maybe if it was half under water you would recognize it!

We spent the day touring around the boat, checking out the different areas and events that were on going. We watched movies, saw an ice sculpture demonstration, and ate, ate, ate! Princess sure knows how to keep their passengers happy when it comes to food! We even took time to sit back and relax while watching the wake at the back of the ship!

We even became old people and player BINGO! We were 1 number away from winning the big jackpot… *sigh* I guess it wasn’t meant to be!

All-in-all, this was a very relaxing day that ended with a movie under the stars on the main deck. It was nice to just lounge around for the day to prepare for the adventures that the next 9 days would bring!

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