Thirty Months With Olive


Dear Big Sister Olive,

You are a big sister! I cannot believe it! All the worries I felt., all the tears I shed and all the guilt I had all disappeared as soon as you walked into the room to meet your new little brother. I should have known you would have handled this new transition with such grace and honour. I should have never doubted you! You have been in love with Henry since you laid eyes on him. You want to kiss him and hug him every chance you get. When you wake up from your naps, you are often crying because you miss Henry and want to see him. This is a good problem to have! All my fears have been taken away. You’ve made this transition better than we have. You have made it feel like Henry has been here all a long!

Thank you for being such an amazing big sister. Henry sure is one lucky little fella to have you!

30 Months

We have had a busy month trying to get into our new routine as a family of 4. We all have our moments, but I think we have finally figured out. You are going to Sara’s 3 days a week. I didn’t want to take you right out of daycare because you love your friends and you love Sara. You excel there. I am still so thankful every day that we were able to send you to Sara’s! On those mornings you are generally up around 7am. Daddy is already gone to work and Henry and I are usually trying to catch our last few minutes of sleep. I wake up to a gentle call “Momma!! Momma!!” You are so good to wait there until I finally muster up enough strength to pull myself out of bed. As I open your door and walk in your room, you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, saying “I call Momma like this: MOMMMMA! MOMMMMA!” You instantly bring a smile to my face and remind me that I don’t need any more sleep! We tried going downstairs to get ready for the first few weeks while Henry slept, but right now we cuddle and have breakfast together in Momma and Daddy’s bed while watching Toopy and Bino and Dinopaws. This is working for us, and it gives you your Henry time as well. You eat an un-toasted English Muffin with Donna Easter’s yummy strawberry jam and I have some fruit. We cuddle for a while until I decide to have a quick shower and then we get you dressed. The only thing you haven’t been letting me do on a regular basis since Henry arrived is your hair. You have refused for the past month. I love doing your hair, so this has been bothering me at times, but I have been learning to just let it go. Sara happily puts your hair in a pony if you don’t let me. The last few mornings, though, I have been able to do some French Braided piggies. Hopefully this will continue!


Once I get you ready, I feed Henry, change him and we are out the door. We are slowly improving on our time every morning! It has taken a month, but I think we have our new morning routine down pat! I think my favourite part is when I walk into your room half asleep and you ask to see Henry. This means so much to me! You are so good at showing your love for all of us.

You are such a big help with Henry. You love getting his diapers to help change him. You always grab an extra washcloth so you can help wash his belly in the bath. Whenever he fusses you remind me that he is probably hungry (“Henry eat Momma’s boo-boo!”). You constantly want to kiss him and hug him. You remind your friends at daycare to be “Gentle” as they say hello. You are exactly the kind of big sister I was hoping you would be.


For the past year we have had a barn kitty outside. It was really timid. It would never let us near. Over the cold cold winter we started feeding it to try to help it along. Slowly over the summer it started warming up to you. You would go outside, and the kitty would be sitting there waiting for you. Eventually we were able to pet her. She would sit beside you while we ate our dinners outside. She became your shadow. You named her Jessie. Jessie had kittens the same day that Henry was born. Four cute, perfect kitties! We eventually found them and took peeks when Jessie was out hunting. I couldn’t wait until Jessie brought them around for us to meet them. Jessie was never able to introduce us. We had to meet them in an unfortunately way. Jessie was hit by a car. I was devastated. You were at G and Popa’s house. Daddy came and told me when I woke up from nap. I started crying. I didn’t realize that I was so attached to Jessie. I immediately thought about you. How were we going to handle this? Jessie was your outdoor sidekick! You fed her every morning…


When Daddy found Jessie, he went and brought the kitties inside. We researched how to feed them and take care of them. We decided not to talk about Jessie. We didn’t think you would understand what happened. We hoped you would be pre-occupied with the kittens. You were, for the most part. We went for over 2 weeks without you asking about Jessie, and then one day out of the blue you asked for her. My heart sank. Just hearing you say her name was heartbreaking. I had to tell you that she went for a walk and I wasn’t sure when she would be home. Every so often you talk about her and I find myself holding back the tears. She was your kitty. You loved her so much.


Grandma has been looking after the kittens for us. They are growing big and strong and getting ready to go to their new loving homes. I can’t believe what an impact one little cat has made on both of us. I’m sorry we had to say goodbye to Jessie.


Other notable things from this month:

  • You are growing and changing so much every month! It is so hard to document everything! You are learning and talking and playing more than ever before!
  • Everyone is asking me if you started Kindergarten this year. People cannot get over the fact that you are only 2 years old! The words and sentences that come out of your mouth combined with your beautiful long hair make people think you are much older!
  • You have nicked named Henry “Hungry Henry”!
  • You think our bed is a trampoline. Every night you jump and bounce on your bum, and then you roll all over yelling “Rolling pin! Rolling pin!”
  • G and Popa went on a cruise to Alaska! Popa got a new iPad before his trip so now we can FaceTime each other! We have had a few chats since they left, but I know they are missing you!
  • When on Popa’s iPad you can find our house, turn on street view, and look at our mailbox and driveway! The first time you did that, Momma and Daddy were stunned! Seriously, how did you get so smart?
  • You love stealing Momma’s phone and taking pictures of everything. One day I caught you walking around the house saying “Cheese apple! Cheese table! Cheese bike!” You are becoming quite the photographer… I think it comes naturally!
  • You finished your first session of swimming lessons! You passed the pre-school “Duck” level! We are so proud of you. You far exceeded my expectations. Although Daddy hasn’t said it, I can tell that he was so happy to spend this time with you. You paddle your arms (doggy paddle style), kick your legs and put your head under the water (with Daddy’s help). The hardest thing for you was putting your head all the way back when floating on your back. During the last two lessons you finally let go of your fear and let Daddy float you on your back in a perfect starfish! We are so proud! I think we are going to start your second round of lessons at the end of September! Now it is also on to CanSkate!
  • You are very in to puzzles – physical puzzles and puzzles on my iPhone. You are really quite excellent at them too. So quick and never asking for help!
  • We have been practicing your letters with an new iPhone app. You say the letter and trace it. Your letters are looking better and better every day. You know that D is for Daddy, G is for G and Grandma, H is for Henry, J is for Jessie, K is for Ken Ken, M is for Momma, O is for “me” (Olive!), P is for Popa, S is for Stacy and Scott, T is for Thomas, Z is for Zebra! You have been recognizing most of these on a regular basis! As much as I hate to let you play on my phone, you are learning every time you do!


Before Henry was born, I continually asked you “Do you know how much Momma loves you?” I would tell you “A whole bunch” and eventually you would answer the same way. I really wanted you to know just how much you mean to me, even though I wouldn’t have the same amount of time to devout to you once the baby was here. This was really important to me. You understood that. Now when I ask you “How much do you love Henry?” You say “TOO MUCH, and Momma loves me a whole bunch”! I’m so happy that you get it. You just mean the world to me. You and Henry and Daddy are the most important things in my life. Sitting back and watching the three of you together makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you for being you. Thank you for always being so happy and loving. Thank you for welcoming Henry with open arms and lots of kisses. I know you two will have your moments over the years, but I also know you will grow to appreciate each other. Siblings are true gifts. You are built from the same cloth. Always remember to keep him in your life, no matter where your road takes you.

I love you Big Sister, more than words can say!


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2 responses to “Thirty Months With Olive”

  1. Laura Deeves says:

    This is absolutely lovely. What a lucky little girl Olive is. And the story/ photos of Jessie. .. just awwwww. So sweet. I hope one of those sweet little babies is going to hang back with Olive. And, when you wrote that children’s book that you need to write, I’ll happily edit for you. You’re very talented, and your book would go far.
    Thanks for sharing!
    L ☺xo

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