Thirty Three Months With Olive


Dear Olive,

“I just love you, Momma”

That’s what you said to me one more as I stumbled into your room half asleep. I had had a long night with Henry and was really hoping you would sleep a little longer, but as you said those loving words, all I wanted to do was cuddle you in my arms forever. Lately you have been saying the most precious things. Out of the blue you will tell me how “lovely” I look… How much you love (“lobe”) me… How much you just want to cuddle. I am holding on to these memories as hard as I can. They are so pure and innocent. They are full of the raw emotion that only a toddler knows. I know there will be a time where these words won’t come as freely. There will be a time when life gets so busy; a time when you are caught up in school and extracurriculars and friends; a time when you chose others over your Momma. That’s why I’m holding on to these words so tight. Right now you are saying exactly what you are feeling which makes hearing “I just love you, Momma” the best gift in the world.

33 Months

You continue to grow and amaze me in so many different ways. You are doing so well with your skating lessons. You never fully depend on me or your coaches and are so eager to get out there on your own. The only real thing you still need help with is standing up – probably because of your big snow suit! I can’t tell you how much joy I feel seeing how much you look forward to skating nights. I can remember that feeling well. I remember waking up on Saturday mornings getting a quick bite to eat and then heading to rink with G. I started out in CanSkate, just like you! I secretly hope that you stay in the sport, but I don’t want to push you in one direction or the other. Skating is a sport that teaches you a lot of life lessons – discipline and respect, hard work and dedication, confidence in yourself – and it challenges you on a daily basis. There were times where I would get frustrated, but I’m so happy I stuck through those hard practices. Some day I hope to watch you compete in your first competition, and test in your first test day.

You have really taken a loving songs. Henry loves when you sing! His ears perk up and a his mouth turns into the biggest grin! Your favourites are Itsy Bitsy Spider (“Bitsy Bitsy”), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and This Little Light of Mine (Henry’s favourite). You haven’t quite figured out all the proper words, but, for the most part, you can sing the songs from start to finish with the proper melody! Sometimes you sing really really loud, and other times it’s a whisper. Sometimes you include the actions, and other times you just sing. It is really neat to watch how you connect Henry’s emotions to singing. When he is sad and crying, you will go over to him, rub his head, and start singing to him. Every time, without fail, he stops fussing and smiles at you.

Watching your relationship grow with Henry is like magic. You love him oh so much. I doubt that you remember when he wasn’t here. Even though it has only been 4 months, it seems like he has been with us forever. The first person you want to see in the morning is Henry. When you sleep over a G and Popa’s house, the first person you ask about when I call is Henry. You never go to sleep without giving him a kiss and a little hug (the hug is more like two taps on his cheeks!), and you are always checking on him when he is napping. We recently have been putting him in the exersaucer. At first, I thought you would be jealous and try to play with all the toys, however, to my surprise, you sit beside him and patiently show him how the toys all make noise. You really are such a great big sister. You never once have had any jealousy issues. Just love. Proud love.

This past month I have decided to bake pies to sell for Christmas. Normally you are up on the counter, arms deep in the dough, but because I have been baking them for other people, I try to only do them while you are at Sara’s (because there would be quite a fit to be had if I told you that you couldn’t help me bake!) I set up a table at the Westport Christmas Farmers Market, and to my surprise, I completely sold out! There has been such a great response! The orders are flooding in! Lets hope I will have time to get ready for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas – Daddy entered another float in the Westport Christmas parade again this year! This year Daddy filled the float with blow up trees and snowmen, and Olaf and Sven! And where did you ride? On Daddy’s knee of course. You helped drive the tractor around the streets of Westport, waving and smiling at everyone! The float was a hit. All the children loved seeing the Frozen characters! We are slowly getting ready for Christmas, however its been hard to get in the spirit. This weather has been unseasonably warm… The temperatures have been above 10 degrees, which means that it is look like a green Christmas. As much as I don’t want green Christmas, I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed this warm end of fall season!

You have been doing so well with your letters! You practice them on my phone on a daily basis! Whenever you draw, there are always O’s for Olla and H’s for Henry on every surface possible. You make H’s out of straws and fabric, and toothpicks. To my surprise, one day I came outside to find you writing your name on the side of my car. Not just an ‘O’… but your entire name. All by yourself… for the first time ever. Of course, it had to be on the side of the car and not on a piece of paper that I could keep forever. I am so proud of you! 2 years old and already writing your name! You are such a smart girl!

Watching you every day is a present. I love seeing the things you do. I love watching you bake in your kitchen. I love seeing your creative side come out through art. Watching you figure out the things you like to do, and things you don’t makes me excited to see what your future holds. The sky is the limit, my darling. Never stop reaching.



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