Three Months With Henry


Dear Henry,

Your giggle is contagious.

You are such a happy little baby. So content and so easy-going. When I look at you with big eyes, your entire face lights up. Your mouth opens into a wide smile, and you start to frantically kick your legs and sway your arms. You are like a little box of excitement, just waiting to burst.

You are keeping me grounded. In a world full of moody-toddler days, you remind me to take it easy. You remind me that some days will be tough, but others will be amazing. You are so good to sit in your swing or your exersaucer while I play with Olive (or while I deal with her meltdowns). Your easy-going nature fits right in with what I need right now.

We are spending 3 days a week together, just you and me. As much as I love our days with Olive, I love having this time with you alone. Right now you are so easy to bundle up and take wherever we are going. Monday mornings are often spent in a coffee shop in Perth. I bring a long my computer to do some writing and photo editing. You are usually asleep in your carseat for the first half hour, but after that you want to see what is going on. You comfortably lie in my lap making goo-goo eyes, distracting me far too often.

I do some work.

We play.

I feed you.

You fall back asleep.

We usually stay until you decide it is time to see some new sites. I find in the afternoons you are wanting a little more attention if we aren’t taking a nap together in Momma’s big bed. If I have a list of things I need to get done, I wrap you up on my chest. You love being close to me and I love being close to you. When Olive was little, I didn’t use a carried or a wrap very much, but with you I am discovering the many benefits. It is comforting for both of us. As much as I think it is you who needs me, I think I need you just as much or maybe a little more.

I can honestly say that I forgot how amazing babies were. As Olive grew, our lives adapted to what she was doing. I grew to love every new stage more and more. As these changes happened, I stopped thinking about newborns. Now I think – how could I forget about these days? These precious moments that only last a minute in an entire lifetime. You are perfect. Thank you for keeping me grounded.

You love hearing me sing. If ever you need to some help calming down, all I have to do is sing. Tears turn to happy smiles and all is right with the world again. I found myself singing “This Little Light of Mine” one day, and ever since, this has been your song. Your grin ear-to-ear as soon as you hear the first word. It really is amazing. I have always been a singer – mostly when I’m alone. My grandma – your great grandma – was a beautiful singer. I like to think that she is singing with me. Your love of song confirms that for me. She was such a special lady, Henry! You make me think of her every time I sing you to sleep.

You are getting so big. Your little toes are curling in your 3 month sleepers. When you were born, your little legs were so tiny – but now, there are rolls and rolls. As much as I love seeing you grow, I wish you would stop. It is almost time to pack up these clothes and trade them in for a bigger size. I always dread this task. Its like admitting that time is passing and things are changing. I never deal well with change. I know I will push every day for you to stay in these little sleepers until I finally give in and admit that you are my growing boy.

This month was your first Halloween! I knew when you were 2 days old what you were going to be. Your sister was an olive for her first Halloween, so I thought it was only fitting that you be an “Oh Henry” Chocolate Bar! I think this costume was a little more expected than Olive’s first one was. Even though some people predicted it, it still was the most perfect costume I could image! You were such a trooper as I bundled you up in your little “wrapper”. We started in Elgin with G and Popa. We went to visit Mike and Darlene and Uncle Terry. Everyone thought you and big sister Olla (who was a pink flamingo) were a hoot! As Olive filled her bag at G’s house, you cuddled in close with G. Next we visited Grandma, Grandpa and Kara! They snapchatted with Auntie Jamie and Auntie ReRe to show off your costumes while Olive once again filled her bags. This Halloween we Trick or Treated at more houses than we had in the past. The weather was perfect for a walk around the block so we took our time – stopping to say hello to friends and to show off our costumes. You two were the hit of the town! I don’t think I have ever been so excited for a Halloween night!

Notes for Henry:

  • You are: 12lbs 10.5oz and 24″ long
  • You are becoming more and more vocal with your rolling Rs and “I love you” coos!
  • Your neck is getting so strong. You are sitting in your chair for longer periods of time as you become more comfortable.
  • You giggle every time I give you a raspberry on your tummy! It is the sweetest little sound!
  • You smile so big, you have to squint your eyes!
  • You are trying to do sit ups – curling your head towards your chest, trying to sit up or roll!
  • You love your fingers. You will suck on your soother, but you would much rather have all 4 (or often 8!) fingers in there.
  • You love to kick your legs most often in the bath tub! We let the tap dribbling into your tub as you bath to keep the water nice and warm for you. Your legs never stop moving until with turn off the tap. You just want to kick that water as hard as you can!

Before you were born, I pictured us as a “girl” family. I’m not entirely sure why I thought we weren’t having a boy. I was picturing another chubby cheeked little girl wearing all of Olive’s cute pink clothes. The moment I found out you were a boy, my entire life was turned upside down in the best way possible. I am so grateful for this new relationship. You are such a Momma’s boy, and I hope it stays that way forever. I hope you always look at me and love me the way I look at you and love you. There is something special about the mother-son bond. I never knew it until now.


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