Today is (COLD)

Its Thursday and it is chilly out there!! Mind you, I’m a cool weather type of person, so I am not complaining! I thought I would share my list of favourite things to keep you warm on days like these! Just thinking about these warm my toes!

Today is (COLD) - A List of ways to stay warm

  1. Chai Tea Lattes
  2. Warm fires
  3. Work socks (I don’t mean little itty-bitty girl socks… I mean the thick-never-put-a-hole-in-me kind of socks!)
  4. Hot Hands
  5. A warm cup of soup in a mug (the mug is the important part)
  6. Grandma’s quilt
  7. Warm bath (complete with bubbles)
  8. Polar Piece (full on Canadian-made adult onesies. BUY ONE!)
  9. Christmas tunes (I know.. but seriously… They warm you inside and out!)
  10. And if all else fails – Throw in a basement full of wood. That’ll get the sweat pouring!

Olive says “More wood, Ma! More wood!”



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One response to “Today is (COLD)”

  1. Melanie Scott says:

    Great suggestions! I am going to get me a mug of soup, but on my work socks, load some wood, followed by a Chai Tea Late!! Thanks!

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