Two Months With Henry


Dear Henry,

You smile!

I forgot how much joy a baby smile brings. You look up at me, half asleep. As soon as you see my eyes, the ends of your lips slowly start to curl. Soon you are giving me a big toothless grin, showing off your cute dimple on your right cheek. Your smiles are taking up a big part of my heart. So innocent, so pure. I can’t describe the feeling in any other way than amazing.


You look at me and you smile.

You recognize me. Your Momma. Your smile tells me you love me just as much as I love you. You are a true miracle.




As I write this, you are sleeping in your swing. As it gently sways back and forth, you try your hardest to keep your eyes open, but you always succumb to the soothing motion. You are so peaceful when you sleep. I sit here and stare at you, wondering who you are, what you will become, where your life will take you in this giant beautiful world of ours. Always remember that the only boundaries you encounter are the walls that you build. Keep your walls close to the ground, because the world is too big, and opportunities are too large.


You have been cooing more and more every day. You look at me and tell me the most amazing stories a Momma could hear. Your eyes are so full of hope and excitement. Just as Olive did, you are reminding me to enjoy the little things in life.


The last two months with you have been remarkable. You have fit right into our family like you have been here all along. For months leading up to your birth, I was fearful that our family dynamics would change. I was worried that Olive wouldn’t be as loving to you or to me. I was scared of the unknown. But now the unknown is here, and it is perfect. Your big sister’s only problem with you is that she loves you too much. You are the first thing she asks for when she wakes up and the last person she kisses at night. She helps with your bath and gets me your diapers. She reminds me when you are hungry, and she calms you down when we are riding in the car. Your big sister is crazy about you. When you are adults, please love each other. Make time for each other. Visit your families. Let your children grow up together. She is a part of you, and you are a part of her. Don’t let little arguments ruin the best friendship you have.


At 6 weeks we had to say goodbye to Genia, our midwife. It was a sad day as we made the drive in to her clinic for your final check up. We have had such an amazing experience with her. She has been so caring, and so willing to share information. She just wanted to cuddle you forever and ever. She did her final weigh-in and height check (10.5 lbs. and 23.2 in.) and then asked when I would see her again. Do you want more siblings? I told her if our children keep being as amazing as you two, we will definitely be seeing her again. Farewell for now Genia. You have been my rock for the past year!



You went on your first apple picking and corn maze experience at Wynn Farms. Olive and I went apple picking for the first time last year – she loved it, and she was even more excited this time. You had to listen to her say “APPLE PICKING! APPLE PICKING” on the hour and 15 minute drive. You were a good sport! When we got there, Olive and Daddy took off to the rows of trees, basket in hand. I quickly wrapped you up in our Solly Baby Wrap and went to catch up. Olive was running from tree to tree picking apples while you slept quietly on my chest. The corn maze was fantastic. We let Olive lead us around, and around and around (and around)! We found all the stations we were supposed to and eventually found our way to the exit. It was such a great day for a family outing!


Notes for Henry:
• You are not 11.5 lbs and 23.5 in. long
• You made your first long trip to Ottawa to the Etsy Made in Canada event with G and Momma
• You are spending a lot of time at the rink – 3 days a week! Grandma always cuddles you while I’m coach my preliminary skaters, and G cuddles you while Grandma and I are coaching CanSkate! Once a skating family, always a skating family!
• You are a farter! If I’m in the other room, I can’t tell the difference between a Daddy fart and a Henry fart!
• Your wake up stretches are so cute. You arch your back and point to nose straight up.
• Your eyelashes are to die for!
• At night, I generally feed you around 10:00 before putting you to bed. Often you are still awake when I tuck you in. You are so good to put yourself to sleep. You generally sleep until at least 4:00, but lately have been pushing it to 5:00 or even 6:00!
• You have started sucking on your hands. We have just decided to start giving you a soother because you just need a little more sucking. You are slowly warming up to the idea, but at first you didn’t quite know what to do with it!
• You’ve had a little bit of a cold – stuffy nose and coughs in the morning – but you are generally okay during the day.
• You recently started holding on to my hair, tight!!
• You are trying to do crunches! When we are lying on the bed, you can hold your head up off the mattress! You are getting so strong!



Today is Thanksgiving. I have so many things to be thankful for. I have been blessed with the most precious gift. The gift of family. I am thankful for Daddy. I am thankful for Olive. I am thankful for you. I know what an incredible gift I have been given. Every morning I wake up and see your beautiful smile and feel so lucky to have my own little family to call my own. Not everyone in this world is as lucky as we are. Always remember where you come from, and be thankful for the gifts you are given in your lifetime. My dear Henry, I cannot imagine my life without you. Your cuddles are so warm, and your baby coos are so cute. When you look at me, I feel so special. I have been given the best gift in the world. I am so thankful to tell the world that I am your Mommy.

I love you forever!


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