Two Months With Olive

IMG_4282 Dear Olive,

By the time you are able to read these letters, you will know the feeling of waking up and remembering that you just got a new toy to play with. I still have that feeling every morning when I wake up and look at you all snuggled in your bassinet beside our bed. Your tiny lips and chipmunk cheeks are peeking out of your blanket, and somehow you always manage to get both arms out of your swaddle to rest them above your head. This is by far your favourite way to sleep. I love to watch you sleep so peacefully but as you begin to wake up, you have a stretching routine that cannot be interrupted – starting with your facial muscles (boy, you make crazy wake-up faces!), and slowly moving to the tips of your tiny fingers and toes. You LOVE to stretch, but you also love to cuddle.

IMG_1166 I crave my morning cuddle with you. Daddy is usually already up and working by the time you are ready to say hello to the world. I pull you out of your bassinet, feed you, and then we cuddle in Mommy and Daddy’s big bed for as long as I can keep you interested! Sometimes we fall back asleep, and other times we just stare at each other making “I love you” noises. I want to cherish these cuddles for as long as I can. This month you have started giving me the most amazing morning smiles a mom could ever as for. You open your beautiful blue eyes and grin. I know you are saying “I love you Mommy”. I love you too Olive! Please keep the smiles coming. They melt my heart every time!

PicMonkey Collage Olive, you are two months old today, and you continue to make me the happiest Momma in the world! Today we had to go get your two month needles. Mommy was worried the entire time, but you took it like a champ! You let out a little squeal, but as soon as the bandaids were on both your thighs, you were ready to eat again. I cannot believe how much you have grown both physically and mentally over the last month. You are now 11lbs 9.5oz and 22.75 inches long. You are holding your head up completely by yourself, and I have even noticed you trying to lift your head up and look around with all your might while you are lying on your back. You sure are a curious little gal who continues to love her ceilings and lights. I like to think that when you are looking up, you are saying hello to all wonderful angels in heaven who are watching over you, and keeping you safe. There are some pretty special people up there, and I cannot wait to tell you tons and tons of stories about them. You are starting to really focus on objects and faces. You recognize Mommy and Daddy right away, and are beginning to smile when your grandparents walk into the room. It is amazing to watch the world through your eyes. Simple things like Grandpa Murray’s red shirt amaze you. It is starting to make me really appreciate the smaller things in life.

IMG_1280 Over the last few weeks you have decided to enter the “witching hour”. Almost every night at 7:00pm on the dot you like to start SCREAMING!! It lasts anywhere between 1-3 hours. Hardly anything can console my little Olive. You won’t eat, you won’t go in your swing, and you definitely don’t want to see Mommy! Somethings that have helped us through the evenings are fluorescent lights (Great Aunt Suzette’s are your favourite), baths, the Adult Pop Galaxie Channel on the Satellite, walks with Daddy in the Snugli and the “bum wiggle” that Daddy has mastered. Your witching hour is slowly getting shorter and shorter (thank heavens!) and although I know babies are supposed to cry, I just wish I could figure out what you are trying to tell us!

Olive 1 You have recently discovered that you have hair – LOTS of hair! Whenever I am feeding you, you like to tug at your hair around your ears. I think you like the feeling of it. I am just waiting for the day when you tug a little bit too hard. Speaking of tugging too hard, I have pulled your hair a time or two while putting your hat on. You definitely don’t like that,and you sure let me know. I’m sorry!! Babies just don’t normally have all this crazy-beautiful hair!

PicMonkey Collage Daddy is absolutely in love with you. Before you arrived, Daddy and I would always tell each other “You are my FAVOURITE”. This month I was officially demoted to his second favourite… but so was Daddy, so that is okay! Daddy loves to take you for walks in your Snugli and he has mastered bath time. You love to spend as much time in the “Spa” as possible. I can’t get over how darn cute you are as you watch the waterfall (you like to keep the tap running!) as you try to get your foot underneath. After we pry you from your bath, we have some towel snuggle time before getting you ready for bed. One night I was downstairs finishing up some work when I heard Daddy say to you “YOU LITTLE PORK CHOP!!!” — He was trying to get you into a onesie that you had already outgrown. We just cannot get over how fast you are growing out of your wardrobe!

IMG_1184 This month we have started going on long walks around Westport with Granny. You love your stroller and the bumpy sidewalks. Granny calls you a little bobble head because your head never stops bouncing the entire time. It doesn’t bother you though… You just continue to sleep. We probably stop at least 4 or 5 times during our walk to show you off. You have even stopped traffic so people could get a peak. No one can get over the amount of hair you have. You have a lot of fans, Olive. It is so amazing to know that we have a community behind us whenever we need them.

IMG_1132 Some other things from this month:

  • You reached double digits in the weight category (Great Aunt Kelly wanted to throw you at 10 pound party)!
  • You have started to make little baby talk sounds (Daddy is trying hard to get you to say “DaDa” already)!
  • You made a trip to Ottawa to visit all of Mommy’s colleagues in her office (you slept the entire trip and visit)!
  • Uncle Kenney officially became a home owner, so we visited a few times!
  • You became a real farter. (Uncle Kenney said that that your farts could bring a tear to a skunks eye)!
  • Your eyelashes are growing like crazy, although they are so light you can barely see them… I think you got the length from Daddy.
  • To go to sleep at night, you listen to the Adult Pop Galaxie channel while Mommy rubs your tummy and runs ┬áher finger along the length of your nose. It is so sweet.
  • We officially gave in and let you have a soother at seven weeks… Surprise, Surprise – YOU LOVE IT.
  • When we change your diaper, you like to do “The Starfish” (as I like to call it). As soon as your bum touches the fresh air, your arms and legs stretch out as fast and as far as they can! So cute!! Speaking of diaper changes, you love your change table. Sometimes we will go upstairs and chill on your table when you are not-so-happy. This calms you right down.
  • You are starting to open you hands more, and love to grab on to hair and my necklace

IMG_1222 Olive, I thank God every day for blessing us with you. You are such an incredible gift. I love watching the world through your eyes. Seeing colours and shapes for the first time has you mesmerized and me thrilled that you are enjoying it as much as I am. Thank you for being so amazing!

We Love You Olive,


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  1. sue johnston says:

    your a very lucky little girl Olive and have a special family who all love you and the joy you bring.Keep up the good work.

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